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A Pleasant Surprise

Canterbury, England. A completely underestimated little city. It was like a little quaint cottage feeling town, but still had big department stores. It was the first time all trip that we were in a country where people spoke English, and it was wonderful! It was mainly one road with little branches of side roads and not many cars traveled on them. I’m so upset that I didn’t take any pictures of the streets because it was so beautiful. We walked everywhere, and it probably took 10 minutes to get across town. One of my favorite finds of the trip was the first place we ate, Pret Manger. It was a delicious little sandwich shop with the sandwiches already made hot or cold. It was so good to just run in and grab and sandwich then keep walking on the tour. Everytime we saw them in the remaining cities in England, we always stopped. I highly recommend!

Since I was stupid and didn’t take many pictures of Canterbury, considering it was my favorite city the whole trip, here is what I did take of the Cathedral in Canterbury. It was beautiful…

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