Laser Show

While we were in Europe there were always these guys walking around trying to sell us some cheap tourist junk. It was always either fake Oakley’s or some sort of knock off merchandise. They had toys, clothes, hats, umbrellas, and purses. All of it was over priced and not well made, until I found the most memorable item that I bought on the trip. That was my laser light. The laser light I bought was literally the coolest thing I have ever bought. We bought them right under the Eiffel Tower and we can clearly see it on the top of the Eiffel tower from miles away. From the moment that I bought mine I took it with me everywhere. Then at night time, I would shine it on buildings and in windows that were several blocks away. Every night before I went to bed, I would just lie in bed and shine it on my ceiling. One of the most fun things we did was shine it on people from the subway and watch them freak out. It was one of the funniest things that happened on the trip. Now I get to bring all those fun times and enjoyment back to America. I can’t wait.

This is the laser being shined right into my camera lens.


This is the light on the ceiling in the day time.


This is what the laser light looked like.


David, yeah that’s my name.

This post is about the most impressive piece of art that I got to see while I was in Europe. That piece of art was Michelangelo’s David. This is my favorite sculpture of all time; I even have a miniature in my room. Going to Europe I thought that the statue would be life size or maybe a little bigger. I was wrong on so many levels. The statue was huge. It looked like it was at least 20 feet tall. You walked into this hallway and all you could see was the statue. My jaw literally dropped when I saw it. I just had to get a picture until this little Italian man started hollering at me, saying “No photo.” So I put my phone up until he turned around. He saw me again and started walking towards me, so I took the picture really quick and then quickly walked off before he could get to me. The detail Michelangelo put into the sculpture was amazing. The awestruck feeling I had when first seeing the sculpture is what I will remember forever.



Some of the most interesting pieces of art that we saw while we were in Europe were the street performers. Music is by far my favorite type of art, so it was a very pleasant surprise to see so many people playing in the street. The street performers played a wide variety of instruments as well. I heard everything from saxophones to guitars to harmonicas. Some artists were by themselves singing while others had formed entire bands to showcase their talents. The majority of these performers were in the subway stations underground. Due to the way the tunnels were constructed, most of the time you could hear the music before you could see them. Then, you would have to make your way down the long hallways to find them and hear them play. Most of the time is wasn’t too hard because they were set up at large intersections to be able to draw large crowds and therefore make more money. I almost made me feel like they were playing my theme music every time I arrived at a new station.

I had some videos but this program wouldn’t let me post them.



Baby, Baby, Baby OOOOOOOHHHH



One of the really cool museums that I got to go in was the Museo Galileo in Florence Italy. It wasn’t a museum that was on the schedule but during some of our free time, Justin Young, Nicholas Crump, and I got to go in to see the history of science. Inside the museum we got to see everything from early maps and globes to early crude thermometers. Being a Biology major at Ouachita, I was very interested to see all of the science equipment and even more so the medical equipment. Not only were there early pieces of medical equipment, but drawings, diagrams, and structures were also there. One of the most amazing things I saw in the museum was the models Galileo had made of pregnant woman. I thought it was amazing that he made all of these models before the convenience of ultrasound and X-ray imaging. The skill needed to make these models from dissection and autopsies. Because of the work that Galileo and others like him did, new doors were open to make discoveries that had a direct affect on the world we live in today.



Getting High in Europe

Many people have a fear of high places. Some people it absolutely mortifies to be on anything taller than a ladder. I am not one of those people. In fact, I may have a medical condition that makes me ever want to climb higher and higher all the time. One of the reasons I love to be so high, is for the feeling that I am on top of the world.  There is no better feeling than being able to look out and just see everything for miles and miles. Being able to see everything from a different perspective is wonderful. Sometimes I think that’s exactly what we need to do in life; get a different view of the same situation and it could really change our opinion on it. It is a lot quieter in high places. It isn’t as loud. Sometimes I wonder if that is what God feels like looking down on us, seeing the big picture that we could never see. The other reason I like being in such high places, is the fact that I am an adrenaline junkie. I love the rush of being up hype and wanting to either skydive, base jump, bungee jump, or repel off of everything I climb. Regardless, the natural high I get from being high is a feeling that I have always enjoyed.



On top of the world at Dover Castle.


Bird’s eye view of the gardens at that real expensive palace in France.


Man we got high in Paris.


This is one of the prettiest views that I had.


I can see for miles.


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

One of the most fun experiences of the trip was getting to travel in a large assortment of modes of transportation. The first mode of transportation we got to experience was the airplane. I had been on several airplanes in my day, including ones that have gone overseas. However, I was a lot younger and therefore a lot smaller back then, so the airplane seats were much more comfortable.

Lindsey was sleeping with her mouth open, so we were messing with her.

The second mode of transportation we got to experience was the public transportation bus system. This even included one of those cool double decker buses that you see in the movies. These were a lot of fun to get on with our bus passes. Also, it greatly cut down on the amount of walking we had to do in the city.

Caroline and I were riding around on a bus.

Thirdly we got to ride the subways, or railways and tubes depending on what country you are in at the moment. This was by far my favorite type of transportation in which we got to partake. Most of the time it was a pretty comfortable ride, but other times we were packed so close I could tell what strangers had eaten for breakfast. Due to the fact there were 20 girls on the trip and five guys, there were times I felt like I was in an Axe body wash commercial.

This was one of the less packed subways that we rode on.

Another type of transportation was the charter buses that we took around. Nicholas Crump, Katelyn Bell, and I would always grab the very back seat and take turns laying down and sleeping. These were always fun trips where we could all sit down, relax, and just hangout. Except when our union bus driver had to stop for a smoke break every hour, or when the one bus driver we had squinted one of his eyes, stared at all of us, then asked us if we liked ghost.

Just us having a little fun on the bus.

We kicked it Andy Samberg style while we were in Venice.

We were on a boat, however, we were not going very fast.

Finally one of the most unique types of transportation we got to take was the overnight train to Paris, France. These had little sleeper cars that each had six beds in them. So naturally all the guys had one to ourselves. It was very pleasant to hang out with just the guys for a while and relax. That train ride was probably the most sleep I had at any one point on the trip.


We didn’t have a shoe to put in the door so we just used my head.


Overall, it was a great experience to travel Europe in all these different vehicles. I think this trip would have even made John Candy and Steve Martin proud.

50 Stars and 13 Bars

America. Also commonly referred to as ‘Merica. The greatest country on the face on the planet. Land of the Free. Home of the Brave. We were all excited to go to Europe and experience some of the European culture. We wanted to try new things and try to learn a little bit of their language. However, one thing always remained constant. That thing was our deep appreciation for the country in which we were born and raised. The United States of America. The pride in being an American is one that burned very brightly inside of all of us. Also, many of the Europeans felt the same way about America. Everyone that I met had dozens of questions about America and all either wanted to move there or visit. We would constantly see signs referencing something in America or American flag apparel in all of the stores. They know that despite all the problems we have in America, we are way better off than they are at the moment. One reason is the price over there for everything. If you go to a restaurant a glass of coke is 5 Euros. That’s about 6.25 USD. This price does not include refills. That is just the price of a single drink at a restaurant. America the land of free refills and cheap food. This blog post is dedicated to this country. The land of sweet tea and fried chicken. God Bless America.


This was just one of the many signs and shout outs to America that we saw in Europe.


A bunch of us pulled out all stops to show that the sound of freedom is a universal language.


At night, Crump and I would go out on the town to spread freedom and democracy.


Baseball caps and flannel button-ups. doesn’t get much more American than that.


Posted up, Screaming Eagle style.



If you saw the other post, you read that I God’s creation of the world was much more beautiful than the art we saw in numerous museums and cathedrals. However, God’s most beautiful and special creation is that of the thing He made in his image, people. Looking back at it, I know that I could have gone on this trip for a lot cheaper than I paid to do it through the school. I would have been able to sleep in later and done more of what I wanted to do on my schedule. I just don’t believe my trip would have been anything near as good as it was though. The friends that went on this trip have allowed me to make memories that will last a lifetime. We got to see plays together, go dancing together, and just hang out together. For most people on the trip, it was their first time to ever go to Europe and the fact we got to experience that all together made it so much better. We even got to have a birthday celebration one night where Dr. Brune and Miss Eurich took us off the beaten path to a little restaurant in Rome. The fun I had on this trip, due in large part to the people that went, is something I will probably never again experience in my lifetime.


This is us before we started our journey. Europe here we come.


This is us in Florence, Italy. Beautiful view off a cmall hill overlooking the city.

While we were in Rome, Sam Street turned 21 years old.

We all just had to have a group picture in front of the Coliseum.

Most Beautiful Art in all of the World


All throughout history people have tried to create art that resembled reality for them. Artists have constantly tried to create, but all have fallen short in comparison to the ultimate artist and creator of the universe. From the beautiful country sides of Tuscany, Italy to the beautifully moonlit sky of Canterbury, England, some things just cannot be more beautiful. We saw many works of art that were eye-popping, but the moments where we got to sit back and take a deep breath; those moments allowed us appreciate the beautiful world in which we live. God’s art is by far the most beautiful of anything that I saw in Europe.


It was about 90 degrees when we landed, but there was still snow on top of these mountains.


This was my view out of the airplane.


The was the view of the Mediterranean Sea in Venice, Italy.


This was the countryside in Dover, England.


European Sleeping Tour

Going to Europe was an absolutely amazing experience. Getting to see all the city lights at night and museums during the day caused everyone to be a little tired. We left first thing in the morning from Little Rock, and we arrived first thing in the morning in Rome. Needless to say we were exhausted right off the bat. Then, we walked several miles as soon as we got there. This was a daily thing for us, getting up early and staying up late. So, we all had to get sleep anyway that we could, most of the time it was while we had breaks during the day. That included on buses, trains, subways, park benches, and airplanes.  Here are some fun photos of people sleeping in random places.

When you run things, there is no time for sleep. Boss.

Casey was trying her best to not let me catch her sleeping, but I got her.

Kelsey was always in deep thought. Made you wonder what she was up to all the time.


Sam avoided getting her picture taken while she was asleep for the entire trip. Congratulations Sam, you have gotten the upper hand, this time.

Abbey took so many pictures, and I am glad because I may need a few for my blog :/

Stephanie tried to hide, but I got my sniper camera out.

Kelli was the only senior on the trip. Pays to have experience.

Brittney. A woman of many mysteries. But right now she is sleeping. That’s not a mystery.

Krystal is such a bundle of fun. Always lightening the mood. She also had the best facial expressions.

Princess Katelyn danced and sang so much she wore herself out and had to get in a little nap on the bus.

Lara tried to stay up late and hangout but she just couldn’t quite make it.

Ryleigh and I had alot of fun on this trip. Pop culture was normally our choice of topic when having conversations.

Just the sweetest little thing. She was sleepy on the bus.

One of the few Independents on this trip. One of the minorities, standing strong.

You just can’t say her first name without the middle attached. That puts her in an elite class of people.

Buck got so buck wild on the trip he had to recover every chance that he got.

Lauren had to make sure she got that good beauty sleep. Eyes blacked out and all.


Lindsey was such a good sport about being messed with while she slept. Never once did she get mad when we woke her up.


What a champ. That’s all I can say.

It is always a great time when you get to hangout with the President.


Favorite quote, “I look like an angel when I sleep.” Well Caroline, I’d have to say I agree with that statement.



Hampton was always such a fun person to be with. Wouldn’t trade her for the world.